Zone J Parking campaign

Zone J Parking campaign

A broad coalition of residents, churches, the mosque and local businesses, have launched a legal challenge to the parking scheme Hammersmith and Fulham Council have imposed on Zone J.

Legal action has been taken, not to block better parking for residents, but to stop a thoroughly bad scheme and to get better and less oppressive parking controls.

Help us win this important campaign. Our community’s future is at risk.

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What the Council has imposed is causing inconvenience and expense, even for those it has helped; it has made parking worse for many more; it is hitting young families and the elderly, dependent on family visits; it is hitting local businesses and places of worship.

Rev Bob Mayo

"The parking changes have made Zone J a meaner and harder place to live."

Rev Bob Mayo, St Stephens, Coverdale Road
Jane Thurston-Hoskins

"If the Council can get away with this, they will feel they can get away with anything."

Jane Thurston-Hoskins, Godolphin Road
Emma Hutchinson

"I am hearing from a lot of parents with young children that they are now coming here in fear, rather than pleasure because of having to watch the clock. Our local businesses are suffering ‎because fewer people want to visit. And what is so crazy is that instead of what they’ve done, which is probably unlawful, the Council could have introduced something much better for everybody."

Emma Hutchinson‎, Music House for Children
Virginia Ironside

"It’s brilliant that the Council are being taken to Court. They ignored their own consultation. They argued the 58% who voted for no change was not, in their eyes, a majority. And while over 90% voted against splitting Zone J, they did it anyway."

Virginia Ironside, Loftus Road
David Mills

"The Council could have offered us more effective but less oppressive parking controls. Why didn’t they?"

David Mills, Loftus Road