Zone J Parking campaign

What you can do to help

As a community, we need to stand up to the Council and come together, to try to force it to offer us the option of a fairer and less oppressive parking scheme, which the majority of us support.

Zone J

If you support the action we are taking, please let us know, by using the contact form below. Any information you leave, will be treated as confidential. It will not be visible to others visiting this website.


Can you do more? Everybody is busy these days, but there is a lot of work to be done, from helping with our website to leafleting and handling the media. The more volunteers we have, the easier it will be. If you would like to help, please let us know using the contact form below.


I can help with:

Unless we win the legal battle, our chances of persuading the Council to abandon the present parking scheme and offer us something better, are slim. They do not seem interested in helping us, merely in raising as much cash as they can.

We have a strong case and are likely to win, but mounting a legal challenge is expensive. Can you help? Would you be prepared to make a donation, however small? Anything will be gratefully received. If you would like to help, please use the contact form below. Again, any information you give will be treated as confidential and not visible to others visiting the website.

Donations towards our legal costs

If – as we expect – we win the legal challenge, the Council will have to pay most our costs: in this event donations will be returned.

Proper, secure arrangements are being made to enable people to make donations and will be added to the website shortly.

In the meantime, please leave your contact details, and we will be in touch.