Zone J Parking campaign

Why Volunteer?

If there is a majority for Option 2, it will obviously be important that it is implemented well.

The Council will have the benefit of a list of ‘resident-permit holders’ in each street and the regular ‘parking stress’ surveys thy carry out each year or so. These surveys cover both day-time and early-morning (when there are few visitors) and provide valuable information about the demand for parking in different streets.

These will enable the Council to design an intelligent scheme, allocating ‘permit-only’ bays to where they are most needed.

Yet the Council traffic engineers could still miss things. It would be a pity, for instance, if ‘permit-only’ bays are all put under trees with roosting birds. In Loftus and Ellerslie Roads, it would obviously be wrong if ‘permit-only’ bays are placed anywhere where parking is suspended – even if only occasionally – on match days.

To help prevent this, it would be useful if in each street, there are one or two volunteers prepared to help the Council try to ensure no such mistakes are made. Once implemented, it would also be useful too if these volunteers monitored the scheme so that if residents are still experiencing problems, they can pass this on to Council officers when they review the scheme, as they have promised to do.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please fill in the following and then press send. We will then pass on your details to others in the street prepared to help, and let you have their details.