Zone J Parking campaign

Zone J Parking campaign

A broad coalition of residents, churches, the mosque and local businesses, have launched a legal challenge to the parking scheme Hammersmith and Fulham Council have imposed on Zone J.

Legal action has been taken, not to block better parking for residents, but to stop a thoroughly bad scheme and to get better and less oppressive parking controls.

Help us win this important campaign. Our community’s future is at risk.

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What the Council imposed at the end of 2016 has caused inconvenience even for some it helped. For many others it actually made parking worse. It has hit young families and the elderly dependent on family visits. It has hit local businesses and places of worship.

It was introduced against the clear wishes of the majority.

Fortunately, a legal challenge was successful and this Autumn, as a result, the Council will hold a fresh consultation.

This time it has listened to people in Zone J and says it intends offering the options they have requested.

Virginia Ironside

"‘It’s brilliant that the Council were taken to Court. They ignored their own consultation. They argued the 58% who voted for no change was not, in their eyes, a majority. And while over 90% voted against splitting Zone J, they did it anyway."

Virginia Ironside, Loftus Road
Jane Thurston-Hoskins

"If the Council had got away with that, they would feel they could get away with anything."

Jane Thurston-Hoskins, Godolphin Road
David Mills

"After the legal challenge succeeded, it does seem that the Council has genuinely tried to listen to people in Zone J. They say they are going to offer us two options. If they do so – and accept the result - it will be a democratic consultation that will lead to parking arrangements that will help everybody."

David Mills, Loftus Road
Rev Bob Mayo

"Above all, we want parking arrangements that best serve our inclusive community."

Rev Bob Mayo, St Stephens, Coverdale Road