Zone J Parking campaign

Our legal challenge

We believe that the Council, in imposing its new parking scheme on Zone J, has not only behaved very badly, but also unlawfully. We have therefore launched a legal challenge. We took legal advice before doing so and were told we had a strong case.

The first, necessary, step in initiating the legal action was with legal assistance to write a formal letter to the Council, setting out our concerns. The letter was delivered to the council on 6th December, 2016.

The Council was asked to respond within two weeks in accordance with legal protocol. Instead, it requested six weeks to do so. And then, sought another week’s delay.

When the Council finally responded, it made clear it was not going to suspend the new parking scheme voluntarily, and so it has been necessary to commence a legal action to make it do so.

The legal action – as is also necessary – has been taken in the name of a local resident, David Mills, who lives in Loftus Road, but it has wide backing from other residents, churches, the mosque and local businesses.

The required documents were filed at the High Court on 8th February 2017. The Council has to respond. A judge will then review all the papers in the case and decide how it should proceed.

The key documents can be accessed using the following links: