Zone J Parking campaign

What's wrong with the new parking scheme?

Some residents in Zone JJ will feel that the new parking scheme has made it easier to park, particularly on match days, and wonder why we should oppose it. Here are four reasons.

  1. The first is that the scheme has fatal flaws. It does not provide real protection for residents. Anyone can use the bays in Zone JJ and given the demand for parking this is bound to mean:
    • Westfield shoppers will discover that for shorter visits, Zone JJ offers cheaper and more convenient parking than Westfield itself: compared with £2.90 an hour at Westfield for the first three hours, in Zone J it is only £2.20 an hour; parking in Zone JJ also avoids congestion around the Green and occasional gridlock at Westfield itself.
    • football supporters will discover that Zone JJ now offers (however temporarily) inexpensive and convenient parking on match days
    • the scheme fails to cater for worshippers at the mosque and local churches: they will become accustomed to paying to park, and will do so, naturally, in Zone JJ
    • tougher enforcement will force cars currently parked on single yellow lines into local residential streets

    Many Zone JJ residents living near the Uxbridge Road are already, at times, experiencing parking problems. This is likely to get worse and become more widespread.

  2. Zone J
  3. A second reason for opposing what has been done is the fact that in return for the improvement some Zone JJ residents have experienced, everyone, including these residents themselves, are now often paying a high price in inconvenience and expense, when they have evening or weekend visitors. If Zone J joins Zone JJ, as some would like, this will get much worse.

    It is particularly difficult for those with young families, dependent on help from parents. It is also hitting the elderly, who are often reliant on visits from their children and others.

  4. Zone J
  5. A third reason is that what the Council has done is damaging our community. The churches and mosque provide help for many. The new parking scheme is undermining their ability to do so. As Bob Mayo, the vicar at St. Stephens has said, our community has become a meaner and harder place to live.
  6. A fourth reason is that the new parking scheme has actually made parking worse for a large number of residents. Some streets in Zone J are – as everyone predicted – now suffering parking problems, simply because of what the Council has done.

All these outcomes were foreseen by residents who – overwhelmingly – rejected the Council's proposals in the 2015 consultation.